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Student housing just got better!

At Texan Properties we believe that life is about having options and making the right choices. We strive to provide the best student accommodation and aim to take the stress out of that big decision.

Furnished and Unfurnished Student Housing at University of Texas at Austin

When it comes to student housing rentals in Austin, affordability and convenience are not the only aspects to consider. Safety, accessibility, and freedom are crucial, as students want a place with a good atmosphere. No matter what it is that you’re looking for, Texan Properties offers fully furnished and unfurnished student housing in Austin.

A furnished apartment saves you the hassle and worry of having to buy the things you might need. You can customize the space as much as you like, making the transition from the comfort of your own home easier by adding a few personal touches.

Texan Properties furnished apartments near UT Austin feature convenient amenities, such as double beds, bug-proof mattresses, laundry facilities, desks, flat-screen TVs, and high-speed wireless internet access. We are the best company in University of Texas student housing, offering these accommodation solutions to students.

If you’re looking for UT Austin off campus housing, look no further than Texan Properties.

Choices are good!

Life is about making choices and we are here to help. From adaptable lease terms to furnished properties.

We are the only company in the University of Texas housing market and possibly the only one in the United States offering these student housing choices. Why are we doing this? How? Change isn’t always bad, but you shouldn’t have to commit to a year lease when you no idea what the next year holds.

Furnished or unfurnished?

Unlike other student accommodation sites, we offer furnished or unfurnished housing. But what does this mean exactly?

Just finding the property is exhausting, time consuming and expensive, let alone trying to find comfortable, cost-effective furniture. That’s why we offer the option to have the accommodation already furnished with our furniture. Saving time and energy while giving parents some peace of mind.

Change Happens

The world is changing faster than it ever has before, at least the education system is.  The University of Texas has a shortened semester for the Fall of 2020 and hasn’t committed to a Spring 2021 semester on campus.

As a result students and parents are not willing to sign year leases, rightfully so.  Why pay for a place when it might not be needed.

So it’s time for a change!  We are now offering fully furnished units at Texan Pearl and Texan North Campus for semester, 9 months and 12 month leases.  We are still offering 12 month unfurnished units as well.

Change isn’t always bad…


Have any questions? Or want to arrange a viewing? Please feel free to reach out!